A Day to Remember

Today was our final service day and by far the most inspiring as well as productive day. We finished painting the recreation center and the baseball field which both turned out looking so much better than it did to begin with. I can truly say that we made a difference and the power of giving had never been more prevalent in our student service program than it has today. I felt a warmth in my heart especially in communicating with the children and giving them supplies they would not have had otherwise. As a group many if not most of us gave up our own shoes for the Dominican people that needed them more than we did. This inspired me more than I can put into words, watching us all collectively make a difference. I’ve never seen people so grateful for such simple necessities that we often take for granted. So many of the people in the community came out of their homes just to help us and their work ethic speaks multitudes to the character of these people, which surpassed that of many that I’ve ever had the chance to know. In the few short days I’ve been with these people in their community I felt more connected to humanity than I ever have. I am forever grateful to Ryan, Allison and everyone who organized the trip. As I conclude my time here I know that what we did will impact the lives of many. To quote Dr. Hammond, “The best thing I ever did for somebody else was the best thing I did for myself. “

- Kameo James