Cigar Family Day

Today, my roommate and I awoke to the dulcet tones of the telephone ringing and Ryan on the other end waking us up 15 minutes late. No matter, we still left the hotel on time. We then drove about 2 hours to the Cigar Family Complex where we were given a tour, introductions from their trilingual students, and lunch. Some of the students also performed for us and it was very well organized and rehearsed. Everyone enjoyed it and my personal favorite part was a group of five singing girls that crooned in English and Spanish (Extra points!). We gave the students their much appreciated gifts and we were beaten soundlessly by them in a game of kickball. I really liked seeing the complex because we got to meet the people that we will be serving throughout the week personally. For reference, the kids get 200 points for adorable. To round off the day, we drove some more to our accommodations and took an excursion to a jungle waterfall. Don’t worry, parents- there’s a glut of pictures.  Right now, dinner will be served shortly and everyone is clean and reflecting on the day. Can’t wait to further spread the Power of Giving!

Thank you for reading,

Gemma Briggs