Path Finders Trip by LaToya McIntyre

The day started with 12 people who knew almost nothing about each other and ended with a team ready to try new things. The ride to Day Springs was a silent trip for me. I focused on playing my game and so did those next to me. On my left was Trinity, someone I have known for years. On my right was Taylor, who I had just met. In the beginning of the trip, I didn’t understand how we, strangers, would be brought together, but I was willing to learn. As Path Finders guides led us in games that required precision and trust, along with group work, I saw the group becoming more comfortable with each other. As we cheered for each other and encouraged others to fight their fears climbing the rock wall, I felt that we had finally accepted each other as people and teammates.  The whole day was a fun learning experience. In closing, I want to thank Path Finders, Ryan Nece, and Lisa Ferrer for allowing us to become the team we are.