The Fitting of the Capes by Juan Forero

From the moment we stepped into the room of the Humana building, we automatically felt the energy created by this marvelous group. Over time, as we have learned and served together, we have all become closer and gotten to know each other better. During this meeting we learned how well our capes can truly fit and what it means to stand by our values and represent them in every choice and decision we make. Not only did we learn about the meaning and significance of purpose, vision, mission, and values, but we also learned how these qualities can be applied to make a difference not only in our own lives, but in the lives of all those around us. In economics we’re taught that decisions and choices are made when one’s marginal (extra) benefit exceeds or is greater than the marginal cost. And if there’s something I have learned so far, it is that we should always strive to make our marginal benefit greater by serving others, regardless of the cost. –Juan Forero