The Power of Painting: Juan Step At A Time

The Power of Painting: Juan Step At A Time

Today we went back to the Cigar Family Complex to start our service project. We started out at their baseball field. Baseball is a huge sport here in the Dominican Republic so it’s a bit difficult that there are no bathrooms there. Today we started scraping, cleaning, and painting the dug-outs of the baseball field. We also started mixing cement to lay the foundation for the bathrooms.

We also made a lot of puns using Juan’s name. It was Juan-derful. Juan by Juan, we slowly carved away at Juan’s dignity through humor. I sometimes Juan-der if we will ever run out of puns. No matter how much we tease him, he is Juan of a kind, and we are Juan big happy family.

After lunch we went to a community rec center to paint it. The local people came and helped us. We had a lot of fun and we made great progress on the inside of the building. It was really amazing that they wanted to come and help us. There were also a lot of kids that helped with the painting of the baseball field. Today was a lot of hard work, but I’m happy about the work we have done and I am excited about tomorrow. I Juant to go back to our hotel and take a nap, but our bus ride home is Juan and a half hours. So, for now I’ll just  play some games on my phone and think of Juan or two more puns.

- Brendan Haviland