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Today, the students of the service program and I traveled to a local baseball field near the Cigar Family complex as well as to a clubhouse that adults and children of the near-by community use for recreation.  At the baseball field, we picked up trash and renovated the walls of the outhouse. We also poured cement and began construction of a public restroom near the baseball field. At the community club house, we repainted the walls and picked up trash at the next-door basketball field. As we worked, many locals (adults and children included) came by to help. Their dedication and sense of community cohesion is truly something to admire; this is a prime model of the unconditional altruism and service that we should all aspire to in our lives. Working together as apart of a team today has reminded me that if done well, work, no matter how small, will make a BIG difference in the lives of others- after all, that is all we are hoping to accomplish here!

– Nhu Doan