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Today for the student service program we worked in Detroit instead of Flint. We worked in the gardens in the central and on the outer city. When gentrification happens, the outcome is beautiful as we saw how the remnants of industry can build into beautiful gardens. In the city of concrete we added a bit of green.

We first had begun our endeavors at a garden located in the middle of the city. I always had thought of Detroit as heard in the news: bankrupt and dying. In this little garden community I saw a brand new culture completely different than Flint. I saw cultural opportunities and agricultural improvement. The city could have come together in this garden growing it and picking out vegetables they want and need.

I personally had learned a lot from the gardening. Although I felt bad killing some carrot plants for “thinning” them out, I figured that at least they will return to the earth as organic material. I learned what each plant was and helped pick them in the first garden. This was pretty relaxing and entertaining as we got to see and eat the different foods. In the garden, a group of us also tried digging into the ground to make a post stand up for a community library. I loved the idea. The culture this added to the city was so important in my head and I thought back if we even had this in Florida. Despite not being able to put the post in without cutting it i felt I learned how hard it is to get 4 ft deep into the ground firsthand.

After lunch however was when the hardships began. Instead of a small garden we began at the fields. I started at the wheelbarrow and it was hard work. We had to prepare the field for growing. It was definitely a new experience and a workout. I was happy to now be able to say that I have worked on the fields. This was definitely a new experience and an enjoyable time.

– Prasnav Naik