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My second day in Flint offered a completely separate, yet equally as rewarding experience as the first day. When we hopped off of the bus, it was hard to tell we were standing in a dilapidated garden. After we learned that the garden had once been a vibrant community center, I became especially motivated to return this space into its former glory. After tireless hours of weed whacking and raking, it was hard to imagine a complete restoration. However, as the afternoon moved into evening, noticeable progress was beginning to be made.

It was beautiful to see all members of the Ryan Nece Foundation and the wonderful workers from the Edible Flint Project join forces to attempt to beautify just one of the many gardens and lots that had become so run down in recent years. When our time at the garden was over and it was time to leave the project, it was exceedingly rewarding to be able to take a step back and appreciate the progress we had made and reflect on the lives we would be effecting.

– Aidan Bursten