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Dear friend,

Today was our very last full day in Michigan, which is a sad event. It is sad to see all of the people who we couldn’t help, but I believe truly that we all can leave with a sense of accomplishment knowing that at least a few lives in a community were bettered due to our work. The day was started at one of the gardens that Greening of Detroit runs. We pulled carrots (which by the way is quite therapeutic), picked fresh veggies (even taste tested these veggies), and also dug a hole for a mini library. The day started off interesting because it was raining but not like what we are used to in Florida (constant monsoons) but rather a light drizzle that lasted maybe 10 minutes. After lunch, where we devoured crack fries from Hop Cat, we headed off to a different garden run by the same organization. This garden was way bigger and extremely hot. Here we made beds for new plants to start their lives. This work included; shoveling compost/manure into wheel barrels, taking over the beds with straw to make a nice support, and picking dead grass to clear out an area that will be made into a garden. The day was extremely fulfilling and eye opening. It was good to see that we could actually make a difference in this community but extremely hard to grasp the fact that we couldn’t help everyone. This trip has been one I will never forget; I’ve made countless memories with great people, ate numerous spectacular dishes and was tiny part of a bigger operation to better the communities of Flint and Detroit.

Lesson of the day: Even though you may not be able to help everyone, that doesn’t mean you can’t help at all. As a wise man once said; if not you, then who?

That’s all for today, talk later

– Mykaela Leiby