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When we arrived to the first garden we were all pretty shocked of how different the garden was from the one we worked on in Flint. At first I was pretty baffled at the fact that there are people an hour away that need more help and are finding any little way to make a garden to help support their family, but then I realized that everyone is going through their own battles. The organization we worked with today are just some people who are passionate about helping others in any way they can, in this case making a garden and giving it out to anyone who needs it. The coolest part about it was that it was in a space that used to be a 14 story building that was torn down, which is similar to the abandoned lots that the citizens of Flint used for their gardens. Today just made me realize that it isn’t just Flint or Detroit that are in desperate need of help, everyone needs it. Any little act of kindness can make a huge impact on others. Throughout the day we were constantly being told how much we were appreciated and how amazing it was that we came so far, but what all of those people don’t realize is how much they impacted all of our lives as well. I know it was such a humbling experience for me, but I could also see it on all of the faces of my fellow students. This week really made me realize how much help people really need outside of our little bubbles in Florida, and how a small, exhausting task, like pulling out weeds can make people so happy and appreciative of us and it’s the best feeling knowing that you can make a difference in others lives.

– Samantha Soto