Today we worked with Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys, repairing houses of those impacted by the devastating Hurricane Irma. This Cat 4 storm destroyed many homes in the Keys including a lady that we had the chance to help.

Ms. Lois explained that she had happily been residing for almost 42 years before Irma came and flooded the entire residence. Many advised for the home to be completely demolished however, she refused. Although she had lost everything, she maintained a positive and determined attitude to be able to one live in her homestead again. With the help of Habitat for Humanity and several other volunteers her hope is in the process of being made a reality.

Today, the main goal was to install new flooring. With everyone being able to keep a positive outlook and teamwork always being a priority, this goal was accomplished. Not only were we able to complete the flooring but we were able to help out Habitat for Humanity by building several pieces of furniture for other affected homes.

After working at the house for a while, the group chose to split tasks and with that choice, I decided to go back to Habitat for Humanity’s workshop. I handled putting furniture together and painting home decor. I was able to learn that although I could not see my efforts directly impacting ones life right then and there, I know now, my work is still making a difference.

The experience I had today consisted of constant learning. Not only did I have to learn how to become a handyman in three hours but I also learned, in the moment what you may be doing might seem small to you but the outcome is much larger than one could understand.

– Lauren Blair