For me, the workday did not start at the house but the 40-minute drive to get there. As our group drove we were reminded why we were really here. Palm trees, trash, debris, and buildings toppled over after the hurricanes wake. This served as motivation for the group to make a change and be energized to complete our tasks. As we arrived we got right back into our tempo as we have been for the previous two days. I was put on door frame duty which proved a tedious task. Though seeming easy at first we had some trouble getting the precise measurements for the door frame. Construction proved to be a test of patience as it was a trial and error process throughout the three days. After completing the door frame new tasks were given such as applying the floorboards in the bathroom and painting the doors. With jumping from task to task many valuable and useful lessons where learned. These included using an electrical saw, handling precise measurements and proper application with a nail gun. Most importantly serving side by side with friends really impacted me and showed the joy and even fun you can have building a house.  Hopefully, our work is as impactful for the family receiving the house as it did to us.

– Dawid Wisz