The day started at the crack of dawn. 6:30 a.m. never felt earlier due to all the hard work done the day before, yet I was prepared for the more vigorous work on our last service day. The group and I hurried to breakfast then to the vans to go to the Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys. We arrived to an unlabeled building, where inside it was full of appliances and housing tools.

I assumed these items were still for the families who have been and were still devastated by Hurricane Irma. We loaded back into the vans and headed out to our perspective houses again. Arriving back to the house I saw all the work we completed the day before. The house already looked very different. The work we were doing was beginning to show. I was proud of what we accomplished and was excited about what we would accomplish in the day to come. We completed our tasks in the house and the impact we made was clearly visible. Today’s experience taught me that when you have a big group of willing people you can get anything accomplished.

– Eric Romo