A Really Busy Orientation

A Really Busy Orientation
I have never experienced work quite like today. Admittedly, it was jarring to see so many homes destroyed. No amount of preparation can lessen the impact of the desolation caused by the hurricane. So when we got to work, it really felt as though everyone was more motivated to help than we were before. I was lucky enough to work inside, near a fan installing floor panels. It was really intense work, and exciting to use the saws. Working with our small group was incredibly fun, and very effective.

To start we had to measure and create guides in order to cut the boards to the right length and shapes. We used a jigsaw and a chop saw to shorten and create the ideal pieces. It was a lot like a puzzle, but with a lot more splinters. We had to stop a little early due to two separate emergencies, one being a lack of pieces, the other being a gap in the connected floor before we began. We did spend time working on the borders and trims for the walls, it was really hot but really cool!  I’m excited to continue working in the same home so that we can hopefully make a difference for the residents that will last a lifetime.

To me there’s nothing more beautiful than being able to help people in their own home, practically building the place they spend so much time is really incredible. I was really happy to hear the story of our homeowner. Much like us, he is dedicated to helping others, so helping him was particularly beautiful as well. All in all, I’m really excited to continue helping, and I even want to come back if I can on my own time!

– Isa Roman