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My first day of service in Flint, Michigan was breathtaking. We began the day in the early hours of the morning departing for Flint. When we arrived we jumped right to work. I mainly worked on taping the spigots that would attach to the exterior of the rain barrel. Also, I used a drill (first time in a while) to drill a hole for the spigot. Shout out to EL JEFE for helping me keep the lead on the drill. After lunch, we helped in the Resource Center of the Neighborhood Hub with Cesar to help with the customer service part of the nonprofit. The resource center’s mission is to provide power tools and regular tools for a small fee to help with the community garden effort in Flint. This also helps those that would not be able to purchase the tools for the upkeep of their gardens and lawn. Talking with Cesar enlightened me on the effects of the water crisis on Flint and how things have changed for the worse. We made a positive step in the improvement of the crisis in Flint. We have provided a way for those in need to grow food due to the high content of lead in the water. Overall, I believe I have learned a great amount on how to make a difference in a community through a small act and how a small act could demonstrate the power of giving. I am looking forward to our second service day in Flint tomorrow. 

–  Joshua Wassermann