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Our Mission & Vision

The MISSION of the Ryan Nece Foundation is to emPOWER teens to become leaders and impact giving in their communities.

Our VISION is to create opportunities for teens to embrace the Power of Giving through volunteerism and inspirational leadership programs.

About Ryan Nece Foundation

To former NFL linebacker Ryan Nece, giving has always been a part of his daily life. Since he was a child, his family instilled in him the importance of thinking of others and giving what you can when you can in order to have a positive impact on those around you.

Upon joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002, Ryan participated in many community events and supported various charitable organizations on behalf of the team. Eventually, he formed the Ryan Nece Foundation in September 2006 as a way to formalize his own charitable contributions to the community.

Through the years, the foundation operated several different programs ranging from the Best Moms in the Bay Breakfast to backpack giveaways and a scholarship program for high school students based on their community service work. In 2012, the foundation refined its mission, vision, and focus to hone in on its goal of helping to shape and mentor the next generation of servant leaders through the Student Service Program. Currently, the Ryan Nece Foundation operates these programs annually:

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2018 Student Service Program Project Gallery


Student Service Program

Through our flagship program, Bay Area high school students are engaged in a curriculum centered on principles of leadership and giving while they perform community service projects over a two-year period. Through our service trips, our students are connected with impactful projects.


Student Service Trip

Annually, the foundation mobilizes 175 volunteers to feed approximately 1,000 individuals in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Hillsborough County. Students create a lasting change in the communities they travel to, and return home motivated to continue making a difference locally.


Power of Giving Youth Leadership Summit

An opportunity to connect with likeminded teens looking to make a meaningful imprint on our community and learn from leaders who share a vision to make change!


Power of ThanksGiving Celebrations

Annually, the foundation mobilizes nearly 200 volunteers to feed up to 2,200 individuals in two most disadvantaged areas of Hillsborough and Pinellas Cos.


Student Service Program Alumni Group

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About Ryan Nece Foundation

Watch our video about the Power of Giving

The Power of Giving

Be the change you want to see in the world

On June 9, 2009, Ryan invited approximately 55 leaders and foundation friends to an event where he posed a challenge. The economy had taken a downturn and raising money had become increasingly difficult. So Ryan decided to give away money instead. He provided each attendee with $55 cash out of his own pocket.

The challenge? Use it to have a positive effect on someone in need and ask them to pay it forward. The goal was to create a ripple effect that would provide evidence of the power of giving. Over the next few months, we received emails and letters from Pennsylvania, Ohio, Louisiana, and points in between. People had learned of the Power of Giving and were working to spread it in their own communities.

Since then, the “Power of Giving” has become the core belief of the Ryan Nece Foundation. All of our programs center on the idea that in order to create a more positive society, each individual must take advantage of the opportunities we have to do good by giving of our time, treasures, and talents. The smallest act of giving can have the largest impact in another’s life. That is the Power of Giving.

If not you, then who?

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Experience the Power of Giving through sponsorship of the Ryan Nece Foundation and its programs, events, and community activities. Opportunities include sponsorship of our annual events, such as the Broken Bench & Busted Clay Charity Tournament, Power Plate Leadership Luncheon and Power of Giving Holiday Party. Or, consider sponsoring our flagship Student Service Program, Student Serivce Trip, Youth Leadership Summit or Power of ThanksGiving Celebrations. For more information on specific sponsorship opportunities, please Contact Us Here.

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