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Blog, Will Davidson

Born to Drill

n our third day of working with SBP and Hope Panhandle in Panama City, we continued our work on our house. We were working to rebuild Claud’s house that was severely damaged in Hurricane Michael eight months before we arrived. Even with eight...

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Blog, Elvis Lester

The Grand Conclusion

he sense of completion was phenomenal. The amalgamation of tribulations and trying events that had prefaced the finale of today had wholly contributed to the serene and blissful experience that was the introspection of my sacrificed time and...

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Blog, David Wisz

Serving with Fun

For me, the workday did not start at the house but the 40-minute drive to get there. As our group drove we were reminded why we were really here. Palm trees, trash, debris, and buildings toppled over after the hurricanes wake. This served as motivation for the...

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Blog, Riya Patel

Leaving Our Mark

oday was Day 2 of our Ryan Nece Student Service Trip. Day 2 was dedicated completely to drywall measuring, cutting, and installation. No doubt, it was the most difficult task done so far. Nonetheless, it taught us a lot about ourselves and...

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