Chivalry in Flint?

Dear Friend,

Today, as a group, we all went and did some pretty great work together. Some of this work included making water barrels, delivering water barrels, working in the neighborhood shed, etc. Throughout the day I met quite a few inspiring people including the Edible Flint staff member, Sam. She was extremely bubbly, inviting, and passionate about change in the community. Her passion showed through every project we worked on. From drilling holes into the tops of rain barrels to folding tents, her love for the community shined. It was absolutely impossible to be with her for a day and not feel a sense of pride for Flint. No matter what they’ve been through they’ve stuck together. They work for what the need and don’t wait for others to come and help them, which is truly inspiring. One moment of the day I won’t forget is when Prasnav and I were helping load the water barrels into community members vehicles while it was raining and this one gentlemen underestimated my strength. “It must be very light” he said and stared at me while I loaded his water barrel into his truck. It was just a funny moment that I don’t think I’ll forget.

Lesson of the day: Don’t underestimate a woman’s strength.

That’s it for now, talk later.

- Mykaela Leiby