Today we continued our project in the Panhandle. My group and I worked more on Claude’s house to try to get as much drywall up as possible. We persevered through many struggles with the drywall, including measuring problems and previous human error. However, the thought of being able to construct the walls of another person’s home helped us push through struggles, hard work, and the heat. The hardest part of putting up the drywall was the ceilings specifically. This was because to accomplish this task, many people had to be involved to complete one piece. Each person had their own job, however, everyone had to work as a team to accomplish the same goal. One of the jobs was measuring the space in which the drywall would be placed, including the size of holes that needed to be cut for things such as vents and lights. Other jobs were as simple as standing on ladders holding the drywall in place, while other people drilled. After day 2, we completed the entire ceiling of the kitchen. This was our goal for the day and we were all very excited to finish it! Tomorrow, we are hoping to finish the rest of the drywall that needs to be put up in the house. Another task that needs to be completed tomorrow is screw checking. This is done by walking around to every screw in the house and making sure it is flush to the wall. If it is not, then you are supposed to drill it deeper into the wall. This is a very important step because if the screw is sticking out at all, it will become even more obvious when the walls are finished and painted.

– Rhiannon Gartner