On the way to the worksite, I began to understand the devastation that Panama City had dealt with. The fallen trees and damaged houses motivated the rest of the group to work harder and make a big leap in rebuilding the destruction Hurricane Michael left behind. When we arrived at the house on day 3, The group and I finished installing the laminate flooring we started on during the first day.

The flooring was almost equivalent to trying to solve a room size puzzle. Each piece had to be precisely fitted and wedged into the rest of the floor. When we finished the flooring after numerous hiccups the feeling after finishing was very rewarding. After we completed the flooring we began working on the trim which covers the small patches between the wall and floor. To do this task, we had to measure each wall in a specific room and correspond it to each piece of wood.  Afterward, we installed the trim by nailing them against the floor and wall.

The final contribution I made to our house was using leftover wood boards and molding them along the outside of the window. We got to use powerful nail guns to secure each board in place. All in all, I had an amazing time being to reach out and help a victim that lost their house in an awful tragedy. Although our job seemed small, it opened the eyes of others to lend a helping hand to those in need.

– Cole Schatz