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DDear friend,

Today was a very full day. The group did some eventful activities; some of us were separated to work on a garden in a specific neighborhood in Flint, while others went and delivered the water barrels we built the day before. Out of all the activities I participated in today a moment from today that will stay with me is when I had a conversation with two of the lovely women we delivered barrels to. She wasn’t from this area of Flint but lived quite far away and still cared about the community enough to make a garden the community could use when they needed food. The foods ranged from collard greens to corn, and all of which was open for the taking. It was extremely inspiring that this woman would go out of her way every day to help others. It showed me that even when you may not have everything, others have it worse and you should always extend all care that you can to the people. Another interesting part of our day was when we cleared the garden area and found little hidden gems. One of my favorites was a little stone that had the word “Partnership” engraved. This area in Flint, no matter how much they struggled or are struggling, are so kind and willing to help the others that surround them, I inspire to be like that.

Lesson of the day: Always extend a helping hand to those that may need it, no matter what you are going through, there is always a way to give back.

That’s it for today, talk later

– Mykaela Leiby