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Support from the community is integral to the success of our foundation’s mission. Click below for a list of organizations who have generously joined us in support of the Power of Giving.

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Our board of directors includes a diverse set of professionals from around Tampa Bay. Take a moment to meet our board members and find out what the Power of Giving means to them.

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Power to Give

The power to give is present inside each and every individual. No contribution is too small to experience the Power of Giving, so donate now and assist us in molding the next generation of servant leaders in our communities.

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Never miss the opportunity to GIVE because you may
be missing the opportunity to RECEIVE!


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    Showing how the Student Service Program helps to shape and mentor
    the next generation of servant leaders in our community

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    We often challenge others to answer the question…..  If not you, then who?  Meet our team that answers that call to action every day.