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During our second day of service at Flint, Michigan we delivered rain barrels to residents and cleared a community garden for educational purposes. With Max, from Edible Flint, we delivered rain barrels to residents that had requested installation. Through this, I experienced the devastation that Flint had experienced through vacant houses and immense poverty.

The residents were happy to see us and improve their garden to combat the water crisis. I saw the conditions that residents must experience on a daily basis and how the water crisis has affected this for the worse. After lunch, I returned to the community garden at the Hoop House to help with the beautifying of the plant beds. We pulled weeds and raked them into trash bags. We also preserved plants that were over-run by weeds. I carried and literally dragged trash bags once they were full to be picked up later. Seeing the change from start to finish enlightened me how a group of people could make such a big change. Overall, I learned how if you put your mind to something you will always succeed. Also, I have had lifetime affecting experiences on this trip that I will never forget.

– Joshua Wassermann