This past weekend, I had the most amazing opportunity to make a difference within the Tampa Bay area. I got to volunteer at the Trinity Cafe with the Ryan Nece Foundation and other Tampa locals. I had previous experience with feeding lower income individuals within my hometown of Plant City; however, this was far different than Plant City.

At the Trinity Cafe, I worked as the “scraper” which was extremely fast-paced and at times even difficult to keep up with. As the “scraper” I would scrape off uneaten food and dump out any leftover liquids. Once I got into the swing of things, I was able to keep up with the pace of the crowds. One thing that I loved about working with the Trinity Cafe was how kind everyone was to one another. Everyone was incredibly caring and treated each other with upper-most respect. My absolute favorite aspect about this whole experience was that we were able to create a sense of unity within the community. For some reason, food always has the ability to bring so many people together for an enjoyable and memorable experience.After all the food had been served I was in complete awe of how many people we were able to serve and help.

Overall, this was an awesome experience that gave me the chance to meet with people within my community and work with them towards achieving a common goal. I definitely plan on coming back to Trinity Cafe again to give back to my community sometime in the near future.

– Kyle Hamilton