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I realized today that there is so much more going on in Flint than just the water crisis. But through it all I realized how strong the Flint community actually is. I have decided to make a documentary on Flint and our trip here. I learned that the community through and through has stayed strong together. I was able to interview several local women as well as some volunteers but there was one thing that a resident said to me that is sticking out over all. I asked her “Why do you stay here even though you face all of these challenges?” And her response was really simple. “It’s home. I’ve been to New York and Florida (and several places I don’t remember) and I keep ending back up here. It’s where my children are, it’s where I raised them and it’s where my grandkids were born and they now live here. It’s my home. It’s where my heart is and I can’t leave.” This was incredible to me. She went on to say she has seen all different kinds of changes and she knows that Flint will pull itself up by the bootstraps and become a better community once again. Today has been really eye opening and has been so incredible and it is only day one. I can’t wait to see what day two in Flint brings. #IAmMo

– Domonique Stockon