Hurricane Irma ravaged the Florida Keys and as a result, many homeowners lost their homes or their homes were heavily damaged. Today, the Ryan Nece Student Service Program (SSP) worked with Habitat for Humanity to help clean the sub-floor and install the floor in the house of a local woman named Lois.

In order to help Lois, we scraped paint off the wooden sub-floor, swept it, and then installed plywood. To secure the floor and ensure stability, we had to drill screws into the floor. In total, we put the floor down in 3 rooms, which took extensive teamwork. Although the work was physically demanding and intense, I had a fantastic time because I knew how we were creating a positive difference. Also, I felt connected to the issue because Hurricane Irma could’ve easily destroyed my house, however, the trajectory of the hurricane shifted East of where I live. This connection made me more appreciative of how lucky I am and how much I have.

At the end of our workday, we were greeted by Lois. Lois was friendly and everyone at the worksite got a chance to talk with her and learn about her struggles due to Irma. She told us that the hurricane decimated her roof and floor. Lois refused to give up on her house of 42 years and wanted to repair her beloved house. Meeting with Lois further taught me the importance of the power of giving and that most importantly, service is key.

– Grace Brill