“The SSP has taught me valuable leadership skills and life lessons from business owners and leaders of major corporations, that I hope to apply to my own practice. Similarly, with this programs exposure to the underprivileged community in Tampa, I have not only learned to help this population, but also how to advocate for these individuals.”

This week’s Meet our Teens Tuesday is about Sabrina Takagishi. Sabrina, a member of the 2019 Student Service Program, has served her community through events like the Power of ThanksGiving. At the Power of ThanksGiving, Sabrina enjoyed getting to bond with the students in her SSP cohort, being able to give back to her community, and meeting Ryan Nece. Sabrina reflected on her experiences with the SSP, which has influenced her life by exposing her to new organizations, issues in her community, the importance of team building, and leadership.


This fall, Sabrina will be attending the University of Notre Dame to study Biochemistry on the pre-med track. In her future, Sabrina aspires to be a physician focusing on underprivileged communities through her own private practice.