Today was the Ryan Nece Foundation’s second day partnering with Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys. We woke up around 6:30 and headed for breakfast at the Looe Key Reef Resort. After breakfast we drove to Habitat for Humanity’s headquarters. After a short meeting, we split into two groups and went to our separate locations. My group was stationed at a mobile home in need of a floor repair. Most of the sub-floor was finished when we arrived, but a few more sheets still had to be laid.

When our construction supervisor, Dave, had given us a quick overview of our tasks, we went right to work. I helped him measure and cut the subfloor sheets while some other members screwed the sheets down. Once we had all of the sheets down, we stopped for lunch. After about an hour, we went back to work.

Our next job was to lay the laminate flooring. This was a bit tricky to do at first, but after a while we got the hang of it. We finished a total of 5 rows. While I was talking to Dave, I learned that he had to strip his house to the studs because of the flooding. Other people have been trying to repair their houses for over a year. It makes me feel good that my friends and I can be of some help to people who have lost hope but our finding it again.