My Day with Ms. Martha

My Day with Ms. Martha
My day was awesome. We woke up and rushed out the door about 6:45am. We ate breakfast and then headed down to Habitat for Humanity which is a non-profit organization that help low income families rebuild their houses after natural disasters. We headed to our clients house which was a very sweet lady named Martha. Now Martha had been through some hard times with this hurricane. She lived in a hotel for about 3 months and is currently living in a trailer that F.E.M.A. provided. Martha doesn’t have the best health and is 75 years old. So we knew what we had to get done.

First, Neil from Habitat for Humanity told us about safety precautions and what we would be doing today for Martha. We all had to move stuff from room to room and drywall into the house. Then, Joseph and I went to work on getting drywall up and screwed onto the walls. We got a whole bedroom done and then moved onto the kitchen and ceiling. Ryan and I worked on the kitchen wall which was such a struggle but we got through it. The ceiling was tough because we weren’t exactly sure where the studs were. Then we were off for lunch that Habitat for Humanity provided. Driving back to the work site, we got a special surprise. Ms. Martha bought us all ice cream, which was super sweet of her.

But, my favorite part of the whole day was sitting down next to Martha and just talking with her. She was a really sweet woman that truly needed our help. She was hit hard by Irma and was in desperate need. So the best part was being able to give her that help and see the smile on her face. Glad I got to make a small difference in her life.

– Tyler Long