Even though we only spent three hours at Tampa Bay Watch, I learned so much. The environment is very important to me, so learning about all that they have done and continue to do was an amazing opportunity. One of the most interesting things I learned about was their man-made oyster bars that not only act as a shoreline but also create habitats for other sea life. What they do is create concrete domes with holes in the sides of them and then place them along eroded shorelines. Pretty soon, oysters take to the domes and start filtering the water, promoting a better environment and bringing with them all sorts of sea creatures. Tampa Bay Watch then goes in behind the oyster domes and plants seagrass which helps to prevent further erosion. This way to combat erosion is particularly interesting to me because, while a seawall could also prevent erosion, this is unique because it also recreates a natural habitat. I think the mission of Tampa Bay Watch is essential to the future of the Tampa community and I am so excited to serve with them in the future.

– Kara Petitt