My Friend Willy

It was a strange start to my and Willy’s relationship. We were put together to paint the dugout of the Playa del Caribe Baseball Field. Neither one of us spoke each others language, so by the end of the day we created our own language filled with whistles, to get each others attention, and very complicated hand gestures to get our message across.

Willy worked diligently at everything that he did, and did not take a break untill his job was done. He was not paid to work with us, yet he worked harder than everyone who was. Willy worked in only sandals yet wasn’t afaid to get down and dirty. He attacked everything he did with a devoted passion.

We donated shoes and a shirt to Willy who before had nothing and the look on his face when he received these gifts was priceless. Now, I’m extremely pleased to say that I have been blessed with an everlasting friendship. That is how life should be pursued.

- Taylor X. Taylor