Today we traveled back to Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys. I was so excited to work on Ms. Martha’s house again. She is currently residing in a trailer after her home was flooded. Martha was so appreciative she gave us Oreos and even provided us with money to get ice cream. She had so much to give to us even though she had very little of her home left.

I was requested to paint window and floor panels. I have always enjoyed painting ever since I was in elementary school. It makes me happy. It also helps me to keep me calm and reflect. When painting the panels, I reflected on the past week, and how much we made a difference throughout the Florida Keys, from Grimal Grove to Habitat for Humanity of the Middle Keys. We made the lives of others who lost so much, a little better. I could remember seeing the faces of those who were so happy and forever thankful for the much needed help. It made me feel great when seeing these people smile, beaming from ear to ear.

I remember my art teacher telling me that the color white symbolizes new beginnings. I have hope and faith that these people will start their own new beginning. As Ralph Blume once stated “Nothing is predestined. The obstacles of your past can become the gateways that lead to new beginnings.”

I loved working with Habitat for Humanity and the wonderful work that they are doing after last year’s tragic category 4 Hurricane in September. I know they will continue to change people’s lives one home at a time.

– Solana Rostick