Although I have volunteered at Metropolitan Ministries many times, I have never volunteered in the kitchen or at family game night. Maddie and I worked side by side serving dinner to the families as they came into the dining area. I was pleased to see the eating habits of the residents of the facility, and how almost everybody wanted vegetables on their plates. Instead of feeling my arm getting tired from constantly lifting it to serve vegetables, I was elated by the healthy food habits I was witnessing because it is not necessarily easy for people struck by poverty or a difficult situation to afford fruits and vegetables. It was a joyful mini arm workout. Maddie and I both perceived the gratefulness and kindness of the people we served which created an inviting environment. I enjoyed the experience so much that I am looking into doing it consistently on my own time.

                Family game night was similar to an event I have done at Metropolitan Ministries before; however, this night blew my expectations and I connected deeper with the families I met. I worked with a young boy and his mother on the Odyssey of the Mind challenge to create the highest tower. We ended up winning by a long shot, but I think the boy learned much more than simply how to build a larger tower. His mind was also exposed to new ideas, new career paths, and the benefit of collaboration. He designed the tower himself, and I tossed in the idea of becoming an architect, which was fairly new to him as a fourth grader, but it gave him something to think and learn about. I found out that he loves to read and is one of the top readers in his grade at school. I encouraged him to keep up the great work because education can take him far. He thought about his future and what he could do for his mother if he became successful. It was refreshing and satisfying to witness the imagination of a young boy, hear his accomplishments and

– Lazlo Nziga