Path Finders Trip by Qaz’Din Fooks

Today at Days Spring was very eye-opening. I learned that supporting other people does more than help them, it builds character within oneself and satisfies many needs. Leah and Aurora from Pathfinder were spectacular. I don’t think we honestly would’ve grown and learned as much today without their guidance and advice. They were light-hearted and fun, but also very educational and skillful. I’ve grown so much closer with the others in the Student Service Program  in just one day; the team-building exercise was truly a success. More than anything, Lisa and Ryan, you guys are phenomenal and inspirational. I really enjoyed today: all the activities we did and the encouragement from others to get back up even when I’d fallen down, as well as paying that forward. I guess that leaves me with one thing to tie the whole day together: the power of giving.