Path Finders Trip by Taylor Taylor

I was happy to join Ryan Nece and the other students for the Path Finders Ropes Course. The day started out with the 12 of us all standing in the middle of a Sears parking lot. We all stood quietly, waiting for the OK to get on the bus and ship off to the course. When we arrived at the ropes course, we were greeted by two very enthusiastic instructors who were going to “show us the ropes.” We did team-building exercises to learn each others’ names and interests. From there, we broke a Path Finders’ record for how many seconds it took to receive a knot on a rope. It took us all about 1.2 seconds, which made us realize that when we all come together, we can achieve some amazing things. By lunchtime, those 12 quiet students standing in the parking lot were no more. We sat eating and talking to each other as if we had known each other for the longest time. After lunch, we watched one another conquer the very difficult rock wall and fly down the zip line like birds towards victory. Afterwards, we broke up into groups and did our own sections of the rope course. We ended the day with our director’s final words to us asking what our favorite parts of the day were and what we look forward to doing in the future. On the bus ride home, there wasn’t a silent person. We talked to one another as if we were already the best of friends. I would like to personally thank our two instructors who taught us all to come together as a team and overcome our own personal fears and challenges. I would also like to thank Ryan Nece and all he has already done for us. I’m looking forward to being a part of all the other events I will get to attend.