When I arrived to the Trinity Café at 8:30 am this past Saturday, I was a lazy Saturday version of myself. My attitude quickly changed into an optimistic and ready to go mindset when I saw and met some of the clients who we would be serving and people we would be volunteering with.
My experience at the Trinity Cafe left me with a new and refreshed view of how I could impact the community. Simple tasks such as filling cups with ice and putting silverware in napkins turned into smiles and gratitude that I got to witness. I so easily forget how important the small things are and being surrounded by people who are able to make something as special as the Trinity Café possible is such a great reminder. Though their circumstances aren’t ideal, the clients who we fed all had a smile on their faces. This inspired me to have more of a “glass half full” mentality, especially when it comes to working with others. The Trinity Café was an experience I’ll cherish forever and will strongly urge others to spend a Saturday morning there.
– Sofia Castillo