Small Act of Kindness. Big Affect.

Small Act of Kindness. Big Affect.

When we first entered the city of Flint, Michigan I had no idea what to expect. Deserted houses and abandoned school yards were not on that list.

But little did I know that among the seemingly ghost town that was Flint, many kind-hearted and incredibly strong individuals were fighting through the Flint Water Crisis and were more than happy to talk to me about how they had been doing.

The things that got some of the people of the city through were different, much like the small sample of Flint’s population that I had gotten to meet. Some explained that it was because of their faith, they had made it to this point in time. Others relied on the kindness of the community and the local water bottle drives for their survival.

It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear what these people had endured up to this point in time, and what more they would have to endure- all at the cost of careless politicians that cut corners in order to save the city money.

Yet my experience delivering the rain barrels that the rest of the students and I spent hours assembling made me truly realize how a small act of kindness was powerful enough to change a great deal of a person’s life.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to experience everything I encountered today and cannot wait to see what lessons I will learn tomorrow.

– Aliece Brown