The Hoop

The second day in Flint took all our energy but taught us just as much as the first. Today we gardened “The Hoop” a community garden that was in need of a revival. Talking to the members of the community helping in the garden really showed me how much the residents of Flint care about where they live and how they’re excited to get help and to have people who genuinely want to give them aid. All of them were happy to chat with us and wanted to know what had led us there and to know more about us in general. It was interesting to see how we all came together for this cause and pitched in for common goals. After looking at how good the garden looked after spending hours raking and pulling weeds out we all left with a sense of accomplishment that we had in this way helped out the Flint community. There was never a dull moment, and we all enjoyed being able to help these wonderful people through reviving the Hoop.

-Sabrina Rodriguez