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First off, if you do not understand the song reference in the title, I apologize.

Today was our second and final day in Flint, Michigan and what better way to spend it than beautifying an abandoned and run down garden? We visited a “hoop house” that was overtaken by weeds, dead grass and a few hidden surprises beneath the soil.

We spent hours shoveling, raking, cutting and pulling the dominating weeds. After several moments of reassuring my fellow students that worms aren’t harmful, we were able to weed out most, if not all of the garden.

Although I wasn’t able to interact with the citizens of Flint, I felt that today was important for my fellow students and I to put our teamwork to the test. Throughout the day, we worked together to efficiently beautify spaces, and also made the time to tell a quick joke or two. Our activities today were so critical to our bonding as a team, and brought me much closer to everyone else on the trip.

– Aliece Brown