Today at Claude’s residence, we continued to work on the drywall in the kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom. Though the work has been mostly the same the past three days, we as a team have made major progress on the walls of Claude’s house. As for previous days, we found more mistakes from previous groups, such as missing screws, improper measurements, and improperly placed drywall.

Another tricky obstacle we came across today, was placing drywall behind the toilet in the master bathroom. This took quite a bit of teamwork and creativity. The same type of installation occurred yesterday as well but went more according to plan than today. Although the toilet began to leak and pieces of drywall had to be cut, the installation was a success. These setbacks did not outweigh the progress we made all together. The most relieving and joyful part of today was finishing the kitchen. This part of the house was what needed the most fixing up and to see it completed brought joy to everyone and most importantly Claude.

At the end of the day, we had the privilege of seeing the other groups home. Seeing how much progress they made with the painting and flooring of the house made our group feel even more joyful about what we were doing to help these people as much as possible. All in all, our ability to help Claude and his family is to me the most heartwarming service project I have done. Seeing the joy on Claude’s face when we were leaving made me want to stay and spend even more time helping and relieving the victims of this tragic disaster.

– Hunter Croslin