Trip of a Lifetime

The Power of Giving is something we have all said during every meeting and service activity we have done. However, today was probably the first time that I genuinely felt the power that comes from giving. Today I did everything from painting, to scraping, to picking up trash, and cleaning. It wasn’t easy, by any means. It was hot, stinky, and dirty. Yet it was 100% worth it. The faces of the children and their families as they ran out to greet us, warmed my heart. As they laughed when we taught them games, my heart melted. When every member of the Student Service Program took off their shoes, as they were filled with immense altruism, my heart exploded with pure love. Something as simple as a pair of sneakers had the power to change a child and families’ life. The community was able to receive bathrooms, a nicely painted dugout, a newly painted clubhouse, clothes, shoes, and toiletries. But, I genuinely feel as if I reaped the most from this experience. I realized my potential is endless and I CAN do something and everything. I learned that everyone has some type of need and that I CAN/WILL have the ability to assist them. I have the utmost respect for the people we were able to help today. Despite the fact that their conditions aren’t the best, they still smile and make the most out of everything they have. This trip has majorly impacted my life. I have made friends for life who I love. I consider them role models as they all have special talents that I admire and strive to encompass. Our chaperones have become more than just role models. They are mentors for life as they have taken us through this journey. I am genuinely thankful to Ryan Nece and the foundation for this life changing experience. Thank you for making me who I am today and for allowing me to give.

- Nedi Ferekides