Twas Lit

We started off our day with a fun game of “Heads Up” on the bus. When we got to Flint I noticed immediately that the people that worked in that area were not only passionate but we’re very dedicated to educating us on the situation and activities involved in Flint. When we got started on assembling the rain barrels it went by so quickly because all of us were having so much fun working and learning about Flint’s situation. I personally thought it was great how appreciative and kind the people who received the rain barrels were because had I or most people been in their situation we would most likely have very different attitudes toward it. I thought it was especially interesting that so many homes were vacant and worn down because prior to our trip I was under the impression that although their situation is difficult I thought many people lived in the town still however that is not the case. What I did find was that those who had stayed in Flint despite the crisis were all very kind and caring towards not only their community but also those helping or learning about their city. Personally I cannot wait to see what the rest of the trip has in store for not only me but all of us.