Last Tuesday myself, as well as the other juniors in the program, went to Tampa Bay Watch. We learned about the organization and what they do to protect Tampa Bay. I really enjoyed learning about this amazing place and what they do for the community.
When we first got to the location, we were given an interesting presentation that taught us the history and background of Tampa Bay Watch, as well as showed specific projects that have been completed in the past. We also learned about the outreach programs Tampa Bay Watch does, such as summer camps and school programs.
The second part of our visit consisted of a tour of the facility. Some key points include the classroom with touch tanks and a turtle, large outdoor tanks with larger fish, the deck area used for weddings, and the space used to store the concrete domes that will be used to create oyster bars. We also went out on the docks and saw the hanging oyster formations that can be distributed to people to put on their docks. Finally, we saw an exhibit that was an example of the Sea Grasses in Classes program as well as a sign explaining the use of solar panels on the property.
Overall, I enjoyed the visit and learning about the positive impact Tampa Bay Watch is making on Tampa Bay.

– Catherine Litchy