Recently, we have been catching up with our Student Service Program (SSP) alumni.

The goal of the Student Service Program is to help shape and mentor the next generation of servant leaders in our community. Through the program’s leadership curriculum and service projects, it is our hope to ignite a spark in the students so they experience a renewed sense of purpose that will reflect in the service work they continue throughout Tampa Bay and beyond.

In today’s “Where Are They Now?” series, we hear from Delaney Brooks.

Delaney Brooks

Update us! What has been going on with you since you went through the Student Service Program (SSP)

I am attending the University of Florida to double major in Economics and Public Health. Right now, I am home working at Tilly’s for the Summer.

How would you say the SSP influenced your life?

I was able to build a lot of new connections, while also becoming more of an outgoing person. I also learned valuable leadership skills that I apply to my daily life.

What have you learned from SSP that you continue to use on a regular basis?

Aside from leadership skills, I also learned how to converse with adults in a formal setting.

What is your favorite memory from SSP?

My favorite memory was when we worked with Tampa Bay Watch to vestige the oyster population in the area.

Anything you would like to tell future SSP members?

I would just say really try to immerse yourself into everything the foundation has to offer and be sure to take advantage of all of the opportunities given to you. Also, just try to give your best effort in anything you do with the program.