Recently, we have been catching up with our Student Service Program (SSP) alumni.

The goal of the Student Service Program is to help shape and mentor the next generation of servant leaders in our community. Through the program’s leadership curriculum and service projects, it is our hope to ignite a spark in the students so they experience a renewed sense of purpose that will reflect in the service work they continue throughout Tampa Bay and beyond.

In today’s “Where Are They Now?” series, we hear from Kara Petitt.

Update us! What has been going on with you since you went through SSP?

I attend the UNC at Chapel Hill and I am currently double majoring in Political Science and Computer Science. I have also recently picked up a job at Bar Taco as a waitress.

How would you say the SSP influenced your life?

The program allowed me to gain a strong set of interpersonal skills. I also gained a deep-rooted for service!

What have you learned from SSP that you continue to use on a regular basis?

I learned how to communicate and connect with people who may not be the same as me.

What is your favorite memory from SSP?

Definitely everything about the service trip.

Anything you would like to tell future SSP members?

Enjoy the time with your class while you can! They are a great group of people.

It was so great to hear from you, Kara Petitt!