Rushabh Shahs Advice

Rushabh is currently applying for medical school and starting his senior year at UF. He is involved in community service through volunteering with a free health clinic in Tampa called Judeo Christian Health Clinic. He says that he works closely with the patients and physicians and tries to maintain a safe and comfortable environment. He also has recently helped in vaccination at the UF football stadium where 5,000 students were vaccinated over the course of two months. He says that his favorite SSP memory was working in Gloria’s garden in New Orleans. He enjoyed seeing the end product and the smile on Gloria’s face when they were finished. He especially liked growing very close with the entire group on this trip. He says SSP influenced his life because it gave him a new outlook on life and opened his eyes to many disadvantages that other people have in our society. He says that SSP influenced him to want to open up a free clinic in an underserved area in the future when he is practicing as a physician, so people can receive the medical attention and care they desperately need.