In celebration of Women’s History Month, we will be sharing inspiration women throughout this month. Today, we are celebrating Simone Girard (Student Service Program alumna). Simone graduated from the University of Florida in 2018. Currently, she is the owner of First of Its Kind and works as a tax preparer in the Tampa Bay community.


Inspiration Behind First of Its Kind

“It was created to exemplify that what you put in and on your body matters. After experiencing a tough and tragic loss of a close friend, I started to lose hair in the middle of my head. Ultimately, the stress resulted in having a bald spot with a 3-inch diameter in the middle of my scalp. When I was searching on ways to get my hair to grow and to do so in a healthy way, I noticed that the ingredients in the hair products we use play a major factor in how our hair responds. Therefore, I started creating my own, homemade hair products because I simply couldn’t find what I was looking for in my local beauty store. Once family and friends saw my results and how quickly they occurred, I was encouraged to start selling what I was making. This ended up being the creation of First of Its Kind.”


What Does the Power of Giving Mean to You?

“To me, the Power of Giving is community. Whether it is helping a community through acts of service or building an intimate community of inspirational individuals, the Power of Giving plays a major role.”


How did the Student Service Program Prepare You for Life After High School?

“The program prepared me for life after high school by showing me discipline and understanding. Discipline, because I had to quickly learn to schedule, organize, and communicate with others for my experience in the SSP to be successful. Understanding, because no matter how hard your life may be, someone may wish they were in your shoes. This really helps to see people for who they are on the inside which goes a long way in adulthood.”


Advice to Your 16-Year-Old Self

“To keep going, write down your goals, plan for the unexpected, and have fun.”

To learn more about Simone’s business First of Its Kind, check out or @firstofitskind_ on Instagram.



Girard Simone SSP

Simone Girard (Student Service Program alumna). University of Florida graduate, founder of First of Its Kind, and tax preparer in the Tampa Bay area.