Work Day Juan

Today we worked on painting a baseball field and recreation center for the locals.  We revamped the dugouts by cleaning them and painting them blue along with helping to mix cement for a latrine. At the recreation center we helped to repaint the entire thing.

Although there was a lack of supplies and we weren’t always able to have everyone work, the day was extremely successful. We finished a ton of painting and much of the surface still awaiting paint was scraped clean.
I am so glad to have the opportunity to go on this trip and I feel like our work is going to affect many lives. Getting to see the kids looks of excitement as they helped us truly made all the hard work and effort worth it. I expect they’ll appreciate the new coats of paints for years to come and the latrine is an extremely great utility for them to use at the field.
Aside from our work, we had fun playing card games and making puns about Juan’s name. The entire day was amazing and all I can do is Juan-der what we’ll accomplish tomorrow.

- Sydney Shriver